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Can I Compensate for PTSD After Involvement in a Car Accident?

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Can I Compensate for PTSD After Involvement in a Car Accident?

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You may have heard of PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder while watching movies or reading books about the devastation of war. PTSD is a behavioral health condition that affects people after they have witnessed a life-threatening event that caused them extreme discomfort. It isn’t just limited to war because people have experienced these horrific symptoms after natural disasters, sexual assaults, and many other things that affected them on a devastating level. But can you receive PTSD from a car accident and, if so, can you be compensated for your damages? This condition is very serious and the cases regarding the condition are treated just as seriously. We will help you understand if you can make a claim.

An In-Depth Look at PTSD

PTSD has an effect on many Americans who have suffered due to a life-threatening event, which can disrupt their normal everyday activities for a long time coming. Many people who experience PTSD may experience difficulty just getting through the day. The trouble with these cases is that the symptoms might not even start right away – they could happen many weeks or months in the future when you suddenly start to feel distressed about your car accident and how it nearly claimed your life.

Car accident lawyerAnytime something reminds you of the car accident, you may suddenly be brought back to that terrifying event and feel the symptoms of your PTSD that can be debilitating, such as loss of sleep, becoming easily irritated, fearing for your safety along with panic attacks, or even become suicidal. PTSD may have interrupted your life in many ways such as affecting relationships with your loved ones and those whom you work with, cause you to blame yourself for what happened, which could lead to feelings of guilt, or make you unable to talk about certain parts of your accident. PTSD is very real and if you are dealing with the symptoms on a daily basis, you may be a victim.

Can You Make a Claim?

If you believe that the symptoms of PTSD are getting in the way of your everyday lifestyle, you may have a claim. Research shows that up to 50% of people involved in a car accident will experience some of the symptoms of PTSD, or all of them depending on the severity. If PTSD has had such an adverse effect on your life, you may be missing sleep, losing out on work and missing out on income opportunities, or suffer emotionally every day of your life. This means that you could be compensated for your losses.

Some of the factors that might affect the value of your case involve things like the severity of the injury and the everyday impact it leaves on your life, an inability to work because you cannot function properly, pain and suffering when you have sustained psychological injury, and punitive damages when a defendant was acting particularly reckless and it led to your injuries. You must be able to show evidence of these aspects so that you can receive the compensation that you deserve in these trying times.

At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we take these claims very seriously and want to help you receive the compensation that you deserve in your case. If you or a loved one is suffering from PTSD, you may have a claim for compensation when the psychological injury is taking a toll on your everyday life. Call us today for a free consultation so you can get one step closer to compensating, at (302) 295-5050.

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