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If You Have Suffered a Severe Injury in Your Line of Work

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If You Have Suffered a Severe Injury in Your Line of Work

If You Have Suffered a Severe Injury in Your Line of Work

Bumps and bruises tend to be a part of everyday life, when you really consider the facts. Every day, we humans are slamming into doors, scratching against wooden furniture, or taking a bit of a tumble over a garden hose or cracked sidewalk. However, for men and women who work in the line of construction and maintenance, simple bumps and bruises are the least of their troubles. In the blink of an eye, a simple flip of a switch or a loose screw on a scaffolding can result in a potentially life-threatening injury. From traumatic brain injuries to broken bones, the trauma inflicted during construction accidents varies but can be exceptionally dangerous.


If You Have Suffered a Severe Injury in Your Line of WorkAccording to a readout from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2015, construction work accounted for approximately 79,890 nonfatal accidents, while manufacturing jobs led to a staggering 122,610 nonfatal injuries. In essence, that leads to incidence rates of 134.8 and 99.0 per 10,000 workers, respectively. Based on the report, the most common accidents suffered in these lines of work are impacts with falling objects, slip-and-fall incidences, and overexerting the body while lifting heavy equipment.

For a full readout of nonfatal accidents, please review the 2015 review by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Here is a closer look at some of the most common types of injuries and accidents that take place during construction or maintenance:

  • Falling: In this case, workers will take a tumble if they wander across unsteady or poorly maintained scaffolding or climb unstable ladders. Common injuries include fractures, back sprains, or spinal cord injuries.
  • Impacts: Spare parts placed haphazardly across scaffolding or upper levels of buildings can (if left unattended or placed on unsafe area) tumble onto unsuspecting workers. Common injuries include cuts, contusions, bruises, or, in the worst-case scenario, traumatic brain injuries.
  • Poorly-maintained equipment and vehicles: In the event that other employees fail to maintain delicate pieces of equipment or dangerous heavy machinery, men and women can easily sustain life-threatening injuries.


Something you also need to consider is ear injuries. In construction and maintenance work, men and women are exposed to loud noise and harsh vibrations while they operate heavy machineries like jackhammers or power drills. Without proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), these people will suffer from a variety of long-term problems including:

  • Tinnitus, a condition marked by chronic, irritating ringing in the ears
  • Damage to nerves and tendons
  • Complete loss of the ability to grip objects


For men and women who work in the construction industry, every day can be a slice of risky business. From climbing scaffolds to repairing heavy machinery, this line of work is hazardous, and injuries experienced during construction or maintenance should never be taken lightly, no matter how moderate to severe these may be. Furthermore, if your injuries were caused by negligence or malicious intent, you must never hold responsibility for someone else’s actions. You do not deserve to be put in such tremendous danger, even in a risky line of work. With the help of a lawyer experienced in personal injury cases, you can create a viable case in court.

Here at Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, our team of professional attorneys are passionate about our practice and are fully knowledgeable in the laws, rules, and statutes surrounding unfortunate workplace accidents throughout the State of Delaware. We can guarantee you will receive the justice you deserve. For legal advice and for more information about our services, contact our office today at 800-300-0909.

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