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If You or Your Loved Ones Were Injured during a Hit-and-Run Accident

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If You or Your Loved Ones Were Injured during a Hit-and-Run Accident

If You or Your Loved Ones Were Injured during a Hit-and-Run Accident

Although they can provide amazingly fast and convenient travel, the highways of the United States of America can prove to be a dangerous, high-impact jungle, filled with confusing road signs, incessant traffic, and a hoard of impatient drivers willing to push their vehicles to limits to head to Point B. While motorists might be wary of road signs and traffic stops, the highways and streets can quickly take a life-threatening turn when motor vehicle accidents take place. However, some of the most tragic occur when a responsible driver flees the scene of the crash, leaving the victim to suffer or die.

If you have sustained injuries during a hit-and-run accident, you will no doubt be terrified and concerned about what you need to do next. However, please remember to stay calm. With the help of a lawyer who is experienced in auto accident cases, you can easily find a way to create a viable suit and receive the justice you rightfully deserve.


As the name suggests, a hit-and-run accident takes place when a driver who caused an accident does not remain at the scene and, instead, leaves without rendering aid and providing information to law enforcement officials. In such an incident, the culprit has not only inflicted injuries on the people involved but has also inconvenienced these individuals by failing to render medical assistance.

Although the rules and statutes concerning hit-and-run accidents vary from state to state, most drivers will be charged with fines, forced to turn over their license, or potentially spend time in jail on a misdemeanor charge. In the event that a victim was killed during one of these incidences, culprits can be charged with hit-and-run felonies and be sent to jail for longer than one year.

If you have been affected by a hit-and-run accident, our Delaware car accident attorneys can help!


Obviously, if you have been involved in a hit and run accident, you will be frustrated that the responsible driver has left the scene. However, you can take the following steps to make sure you can recover your losses stemming from the crash:

  • Always accept medical attention;
  • Provide as much information about the vehicle as you can. If you are not severely injured, write down any details for the police;
  • Likewise, if you saw the driver, write down a description of him/her for the police;
  • With permission, take pictures of the crash site, your vehicle, and related damages; and
  • Record the time and date of the accident for future records.


According to the Delaware Code Title 21, Chapter 42-Section 4201, any driver who is involved in If You or Your Loved Ones Were Injured during a Hit-and-Run Accidenta motor vehicle accident resulting in property damage must remain at the scene or pull over to a spot that is closest to the crash site. Furthermore, Section 4203 states that, in the event that one or more people died in the crash, the responsible driver should contact the police as quickly as possible. Any failure to remain at the scene will result in punishment, accordingly.   


Hit-and-run accidents are dangerous incidences that should not be taken lightly. Anyone who doesn’t stay at the crime scene and cooperate with authorities will potentially face rigorous punishment, particularly if the crash has resulted in a fatality. Here at Edelstein, Martin, & Nelson, our team of professional attorneys are passionate about our practice and are fully knowledgeable in the laws, rules, and statutes surrounding hit-and-run crashes and additional auto accidents throughout the State of Delaware. We can guarantee you will receive the justice you deserve and are ready to help you create a case based on your preferences and goals. For legal advice and for more information about our services, contact our office today at 800-300-0909.

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