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Can I Compensate for PTSD After Involvement in a Car Accident?

Catastrophic Injuries from Motor Vehicle accidents

You may have heard of PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder while watching movies or reading books about the devastation of war. PTSD is a behavioral health condition that affects people after they have witnessed a life-threatening event that caused them extreme discomfort. It isn’t just limited to war because people have experienced these horrific symptoms after natural disasters, sexual assaults, and many other things that affected them on a devastating level. But can you receive PTSD from a car accident and, if so, can you be compensated for your damages? This condition is very serious and the cases regarding the...

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Talking to Your Attorney and the Insurance Company After Your Accident

After your accident takes place, you’ll be talking to more people than just your physician at the hospital where you seek medical treatment. You’ll have to schedule an appointment with your attorney to talk about how to move forward with your case, as well as fight the big-name insurance company to get the compensation you deserve. Today we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of talking to the insurance company, as well as what documents you want to show your attorney at your initial consultation. Talking to the Insurance Company When you make your insurance claim, you are telling the insurance company...

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Driver Fatigue Played a Role in my Car Accident

With many accidents happening on highways in Delaware each year, it’s hard to say what the leading causes are at times. However, we know that each year, drivers enter the roads after a long day of work and they as well as other drivers never make it home because they are injured or killed by fatigue. What role does fatigue play in car accidents? Driver fatigue plays a role in a wide variety of cases. Fatigue is not just your normal ‘tired,’ it is a type of tiredness brought on by not getting enough rest over a long period of time....

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How Important Witnesses Are to Your Car Accident Case

In many cases, when a car accident in Delaware happens between two parties, they are the only two who have witnessed what happened. This is why car accidents can become quite complicated very quickly – because, when it is one driver’s word against another, sometimes a case requires further investigation. Because car accidents can become complex matters, it is always good to identify “third party” witnesses who may have seen exactly what happened in your case. Eyewitness testimony is when somebody gives a description at a trial when they have seen what happened in the event of an accident. It is...

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Why you should file a claim and get representation after a car accident

Car accidents often result in serious and long-lasting consequences for everyone involved.  In extreme cases, a passenger vehicle accident can result in a life-altering injury such as brain or spinal cord injuries.  And even in milder cases, an injured individual can still lose the ability to participate in the activities of daily living. There are approximately 675,000 licensed drivers who use the roadways in Delaware.  While most of those drivers abide by all applicable laws and exercise due diligence while on the road, some use poor judgment, and the resulting negligence can result in inconvenience at best or tragedy at worst...

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