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Taking the Proper Springtime Precautions

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Taking the Proper Springtime Precautions

Pedestrian:Bicycle Safety in DelawareWith the warmer weather approaching faster every day, more and more people are guaranteed to be outside enjoying it. This means more pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists in Delaware, which subsequently means more motor vehicle accidents in Delaware. It is always a dreadful occurrence when mistakes lead to accidents on the roads. Because of lack of protection, the aforementioned groups are at especially high risk of suffering some form of serious injury after being involved in an accident. While there is never any guarantee you will keep yourself entirely accident proof, there are several steps you can take to ensure your safety.

The Appropriate Steps to Avoid an Accident

Most pedestrians, motorcycle or bicyclists are hurt or killed in an auto accident because of the failure of the motorists’ vision. Staying visible is the number one precaution, though obviously there is no absolute certainty the other motorists are perfect drivers. Being on the lookout for irresponsible drivers, and staying clear of heavy traffic whether on foot or bicycle is terribly important as well. Of course, wearing the proper gear, pads, helmets etc. that are appropriate for your mode of transportation cannot be understated, either.

Nevertheless, you may follow every safety precaution and then some, yet still find yourself the victim of someone else’s negligence. It may be of service to you to be familiar with the various laws that are in place for your protection as well, but you can never be truly safe from the possibility of an accident. As we already know, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists are more susceptible to injury in an accident, and the only question left is what to do after such an unfortunate circumstance has taken place.

Your Next Move After an Accident

After being struck by a motor vehicle while walking or biking, you are most likely rattled and devastated to say the least. Your head is swimming in a lake of uncertainty pertinent to your health, recovery, finances, and so on. All told, your sole attention should be on your health, and valuing your recovery is your first and foremost concern. However, the steps you take immediately after an accident to ensure your financial stability are crucial.

There are laws, statutes, and horrendous intricacies that follow in the wake of an auto accident, and filing a personal injury claim of any kind can be a tedious process. There are more factors to consider in every case, and Delaware state is no different than any other in terms of its specific line of procedures. In many accidents where Delaware determines no-fault meaning that each party’s insurance covers their own damages and injuries sustained, there are still differences concerning pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists.

Understanding the various complexities of Delaware personal injury and motor vehicle accident law is imperative to attaining the compensation you deserve for your accident. Your only step to ensuring you get the best representation you can find is to hire the right personal injury attorney who will fight for you. If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in Wilmington, Delaware, do not hesitate to call Edelstein, Martin & Nelson at 302-295-5050 now!











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