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The Physical and Financial Aftermath of an Injury

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The Physical and Financial Aftermath of an Injury

Personal Injury in DelawareAccidents are an unfortunate occurrence in our busy, hard-working society, and they can happen almost anywhere at any time. Motor vehicle accidents and workplace mishaps are often the leading causes of personal injury and death in Delaware. There are vast amounts of safety precautions in place to help protect us on the road and on the job, but none of these can guarantee your safety one-hundred percent.

Evaluating Your Injury

In the event that you find yourself injured in a mishap, whether it’s an automobile accident, workplace injury, slip and fall, or something else that led to your pain and suffering, you are entitled to financial compensation for your losses. We completely understand the physical and financial tolls that an unexpected injury can have on you and your loved ones, and the first and foremost thing to consider is the extent of your injury.

Catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries are among some of the most severe yet commonly-occurring damages suffered as a result of an accident. Spinal cord injuries can lead to paraplegia among other forms of paralysis. Besides the obviously torturous nature of physical ailments, paralyzing (or potentially paralyzing) injuries are also among the most expensive injuries to recover from. Your physical condition is enough to focus on by itself without having to worry about covering medical expenses. This is a serious job that you should only be looking at a qualified personal injury attorney to handle.

Traumatic brain injuries or TBI’s are severe injuries that often result from detrimental accidents. A TBI can easily lead to more serious and permanent brain damage, causing a lifelong disability or even resulting in death. Obviously, fatalities are a little different and if a loved one has died from their injuries, you might be looking at a wrongful death suit. Albeit, TBI’s and other horrific injuries can be just as devastating, and there you deserve the comfort of knowing you have an experienced attorney in your corner.

Moreover, your injury may not be quite as catastrophic as a spinal cord injury. Nevertheless, most accidents lead to some form of injury, and nearly every injury leads to medical bills and lost wages. After being the victim of an accident, it is important to know the extent of the damages and exactly how much compensation you are looking to receive.

Statute of Limitations

Your time limit to file a claim is pretty straight-forward in most cases of personal injury. The general time limit is two years, although this may be extended in the event of discovery, which pertains quite specifically to medical malpractices and the like. There are other clauses and additional information that most likely pertains to your specific case, and the best way to go about fully understanding the time restrictions around your individual case is to contact an attorney today.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we are well acquainted with the complex and various stipulations pertaining to each and every personal injury case. We recognize that your physical and mental states are likely fragile during the time after a sudden accident, and we are here to help. If you have suffered any extent of injury as the result of an accident, call 800-300-0909 to schedule a free consultation now.




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