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Understanding Your Talcum Powder Lawsuit: Where to Begin

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Understanding Your Talcum Powder Lawsuit: Where to Begin

Talcum Powder Lawsuits in DelawareBeing diagnosed with cancer is well-known as one of the worst experiences anyone could ever have to go through. At a time like this, you need as much help, support, and guidance you kind find. In most cases, the origin of the cancer is either unknown or self-inflicted as with something like smoking cigarettes or poor diet. However, for more and more woman who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the cause has recently become indisputable. Talcum powder and shower to shower products made by Johnson & Johnson after 1982 seems to be the origin of affliction for thousands of people.

While the scientific evidence is still somewhat disputed, many juries have recently found Johnson & Johnson responsible, and they have been liable for hundreds of millions in compensation so far. However, internal records show that the corporation has been well aware of the effects of talcum-based products and their possible connection to cancer for more than 4 decades. Unfortunately, Johnson & Johnson refused to warn their consumers of the potentially negative health problems that could arise from using their products. They also opted against changing the formula and using more harmless ingredients, and instead, they are now being held accountable by thousands of innocent victims.

Talcum Powder Damage

Women who have made claims against the talcum powder giant have most commonly referred to their excessive pain and suffering as a reason for the lawsuits. It should be no surprise that cancer causes extreme problems for anyone who has it, and anybody who has been diagnosed with the disease because of a product, which could have been easily avoided by a warning label, deserves fair compensation for their pain. The physical anguish alone is not the only reason women are suing the company by the thousands, but lawsuits are largely due to the extremely high medical costs of treatment for ovarian cancer. Just one year of treatment costs more than $82,000 on average.

Filing a Lawsuit

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after a history of talcum powder use, you are not alone. Your next step is contacting qualified representation to fight on your behalf and obtain as much financial compensation as possible. The importance of hiring an attorney is undisputed because like any lawsuit, filing a claim and being awarded compensation is almost always a complicated process. During a time when you need to be focused on your health, you do not need the added stress of legal requirements.

Nevertheless, it is good to be familiar with what you will need to begin your claim. Obviously, you must have ovarian cancer, and you must prove that you have used talcum-based products for many years. There are several ways to go about proving everything you need to prove, and our highly qualified attorneys know everything you need, every step of the way.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we have lawyers dedicated specifically to this issue, and we know exactly how to win your claim for compensation. If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and you regularly used talcum powder or talcum-based products, you are most likely eligible for full compensation. Please call 800-300-0909 to schedule your free consultation today!





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