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What to do in the Event of Nursing Home Abuse

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What to do in the Event of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse in DelawareIn the later stages of life, it’s no wonder we all want to give our parents the best care possible. Most children would love to take care of their parents when they need the help, simply because they gave us so much. Nevertheless, life is extremely busy for young adults who generally need to work just to keep their heads above water. Careers, children, and a host of other duties often keep us far too busy, and everyone needs someplace to turn when our elderly loved ones have no place else to go.

It is not surprising that our elderly parents often need around the clock care, and there is no better place to service their needs than that of a quality nursing home facility. We have come to depend on these institutions, and just because we can’t always be there for our parents does not mean that we want anything less than the best for them. However, what happens when your trust is violated, and the far-too-often occurrence of nursing home abuse rears its ugly head?

What to do if You Suspect Abuse

There is likely nothing more tragic than people we trust taking advantage of societies’ most vulnerable citizens. As awful as it is, it happens. Any Employer or Administrator who suspects any abuse of any kind is required by The Adult Protective Services Program to report the suspected abuse. Laws are in place in Delaware to help older adults, but that doesn’t mean that abuse never happens. And because we never truly know what might really be going on when we can’t be around, it is vitally important that you know what to look for. Signs and symptoms to look for if you suspect nursing home abuse include:

Sudden Weight loss


Increased confusion

Unusual financial withdrawals


Broken bones

Signing over property

Obviously, some of these signs pretty much speak for themselves such as broken bones and bruises. Albeit, others can be harder to notice since things like additional confusion might seem like a natural course of old age. It is crucial that you keep a keen eye out for these symptoms, and sometimes even more often than physical abuse, you need to watch for mental manipulation. One major form of abuse that occurs in nursing homes is the fraudulent actions of convincing an older adult to transfer money and/or property over to someone else. If you suspect any form of nursing home abuse, neglect, manipulation or otherwise, you must first report your suspicions immediately

Where to Turn

Besides the initial reporting that is an absolute must, you will now be facing a whole new battle. Nursing homes are institutions likely to have a team of attorneys prepared to counteract your claims. No institution wants to tarnish their reputation or pay out extremely high volumes of compensation. Regardless, if your cherished loved one has been the victim of any sort of abuse or neglect, you are both entitled to more than accurate compensation for your losses and suffering.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we understand the invaluable importance of caring for older adults, and the trust that must never be abused. If you have suspected any form of nursing home abuse and/or neglect, and you are looking to move forward for justice, call 302-295-5050 now.




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