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What to Do When You’re Burned in an Automobile Accident

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What to Do When You’re Burned in an Automobile Accident

What to Do When You're Burned in an Automobile Accident

How Serious Can a Burn Injury Be?

Burns are common injuries. We’ve all touched a cookie sheet that’s just come out of the oven by accident. We weren’t paying attention when pouring our coffee and accidentally spilled some on our hands. 

What to Do When You're Burned in an Automobile Accident However, when a burn injury happens that is not due to a simple accident, but rather due to the carelessness of another, that’s a more serious matter. Burn injuries that occur during auto accidents can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening and should be treated accordingly. Often times, these injuries will put you in the hospital for some time, and you may be entitled to compensation should this situation happen to you. The Delaware personal injury attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson can help. 

How Do You Get Burned in an Auto Accident?

Being burned while being involved in an auto accident is a real and dangerous issue. Being burned in this situation can happen in a few different ways:

Hot Liquid Spills on You

While this could mean hot liquids inside your vehicle, like coffee, for example, there are also hot liquids running in your vehicle that could seriously burn you if they find their way inside. If you are involved in a collision where your front end is damaged, hot oil or other liquid could get on you, causing serious burns depending on the temperature of the liquid.

Open Flames

We’ve all seen the Hollywood movies where the cars burst into flames after crashing into a pole or another vehicle. While those fires are loud and for effect, a real car fire can be fast and terrifying. Depending on where the fire starts and what’s feeding it, your car can become engulfed in minutes or seconds, making it difficult in some situations to get away without getting burned.

Electrical Burns

There are multiple components within a vehicle that are electrical. Most vehicles today are essentially computers on wheels, so it’s no surprise that you can be burned electrically after a car accident. After an accident, wires can be exposed and can be functioning at full power due to power surges or a confused computer command. These burns are typically local but can be extremely damaging, so as with all burns, it’s important to have them checked out.

Chemical Burns 

These burns are extremely painful and can be the most damaging because chemical burns continue to burn until the chemical is removed from your skin. If you are stuck in your vehicle while chemicals are burning you, there is little that can be done to relieve the burning until you can get out of the car. These burns can have lasting effects on you and can sometimes require surgery to fix the damage.

Burn Injury Attorneys in Delaware

If you have suffered serious burns due to an auto accident or other accident, call Edelstein Martin & Nelson today to speak with a knowledgeable Delaware auto accident attorney. Our attorneys know the law and know what you are owed in compensation and are ready to listen to your case. Call us today at (302) – 295 – 5050.

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